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(no subject)

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Feb. 1st, 2015 | 04:59 pm

It's alright, it's okay
things work out this way
if you could, would you forget
all the times that we spent
wasting away in our own liquid buffet
but yet the touch of your skin
the gaze of your eyes,
and your scent
makes me the man I no longer know
nor understand
would you forgive me if i told you
i was once so lost and that.... but
i still lack purpose and direction
but i am no longer that negative son of a bastard
who cherished the self loathe and hate beyond reason
not that i was indulging in my own sympathy
but i can no longer see that boy inside of me
my mind is unproportionally blown
everytime you make up your mind
and every drastic change makes me unease
but with mixed emotion, some excitement
the intensity of emotions vary
it's like i always said, hey use your head
but you think with your heart
and emotions overwhelm you
I think I know the real you
but I only wish you understood you.

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