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An interesting week

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Sep. 9th, 2013 | 01:48 am

I wanted to update that I am no longer doing my latest job full time. And I have been doing part time since the beginning of August 2013.

the last 6 days, I've had a number of fascinating experiences.
I had four to five sessions on the Lucia Light Simulator. My dearest aunt and her dearest partner who are based in Perth, Australia have been traveling the world (Chiangmai, Hawaii, etc) since July to share this machine at a number of mind/body/spirit and psychedelic expos.

It has definitely open my mind and helped me emotionally and mentally. My physiological state has improved dramatically.

Even a senior neurosurgeon from a government hospital sat through 2 sessions has decided to buy the light simulator. He came over to my house twice for both session. The machine is not mine...

I've also under gone an over three hour hypnotherapy session which has seemed to have cleared my inner demons, on top of that I had a number of holographic kinetic mapping sessions.

I've never felt this good in ages, and the changes in me seem evident from other people's perspective.

I see no relevance in explaining my beliefs with regards to reincarnation, past life regression therapy and the metaphysical realm. However I will note that I still hold on to a mostly atheistic worldview, and am as skeptic as ever. However I cannot doubt the changes I've felt in the last week.

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