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Apr. 18th, 2013 | 02:27 am
mood: gloomy
soundtrack: sound city players - you can't fix this

So this was a birthday gift from a friend. it's a "piece of wood". The portrait resembles a photo I took in the UK in early Jan. On the flipside there's a very nice note written in ink. I love it a lot even though I feel it slightly misrepresents me on the whole. But yeah I told her this to me is worth more than if you were to buy me 5 bottles of Macallan at the bar which equates to about a thousand dollars, what I meant to tell her was that, "it's priceless"

Side note, I errrrr got another job offer, I am still waiting for my friends to update me. Well basically looks like I am doing sales again. I already got past 2 other job interviews and I can start work anytime. As for the latest offer I need to find out more before deciding. I may have to push work a month behind as I initially planned. I'm considering other possibilities.

To be honest, I've been sleeping in a lot, two days in a row I have awesome lucid dreams, most of them involving women I've had crushes on. The dreams can be so elating but I wake up feeling so sad. Maybe it is my subconscious mind prompting me to get attached and get a proper job.
I don't know if I'm rushing too fast, because a lot of the pressure and stress is self induced.

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