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a new chapter must begin soon!

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Mar. 24th, 2013 | 12:55 am
mood: blah
soundtrack: sasha - involv3r (disc 1)

So I should be in a new job by May, so far I have two options, I know I qualify for one as for the other I am getting a recommendation from a friend so I'm not sure what happens once I send my CV in and go for an interview.

However the pay for the second job appeals to me a lot because I can definitely live more comfortably despite having no weekends off.... and I could be paid slightly higher than the average salary of fresh graduates. After all, I only have a diploma of higher education.

I won't lie but I get very angst before entering a new job. Even though insofar I've been able to adjust to new environments quite comfortably. My concerns are whether or not I am up to the task;  I get more paranoid as I grow older because I've now faced more challenges, and some I never seem to overcome.

So I had dinner with my family last evening, we had seafood. My brother in law and sis are in town with the 3 month year old baby, they are leaving for Sarawak tomorrow for 5 days and then coming back.

We're celebrating my niece's first spring in early April. My birthday is also next month and I don't know what I'm gonna plan.

On a side note,
I purchased Sasha's Involv3r on Itunes and I'm fucking loving to the max. This third in the series is definitely a departure from the original involver sound. It has a more a live/club mix, and doesn't leave you as light-headed. There is a lot of emphasis on analogue driven synths, most of the remixes sound like releases from the mid 90's to early 2000's which were made mostly on analogue synthesizers.

Not much to say but...
Sasha is a fucking genius.

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